Peter D. Kiernan is a successful businessman, venture philanthropist and corporate and government advisor. For decades he has been a tireless advocate for poverty fighting organizations, education reform, disability and disease related charities and hospital boards. His work in these activities has taken him to every continent on the globe. In books and articles he has investigated how our nation has procrastinated and ignored facing its most pressing problems.

His latest book “American Mojo: Lost and Found” is a penetrating look at how America has let its core middle class founder and how we are preventing this resilient majority form achieving their destiny.

Written through the perspective of individuals who have shaped or been coopted by events of the day, American Mojo treats this powerful subject in a starkly different way than has been done before. Kiernan’s powerful storytelling style paints a portrait of a middle class, its surging successes and the cracks in the façade that expanded as scores of Americans discovered that they were uninvited to the promise of the American dream.

In unflinching detail American Mojo points out how the rich and poor have changed dramatically as the decades have passed, how our social and economic landscape has weathered each successive boom and stormy bust, and how we are using half century and older remedies to fight a new and constantly shifting array of vexations.

American Mojo illuminates the powerful role the American middle class must play in the global drama of economic expansion. Too many other investigations treat the middle class as a principally domestic agenda. In today’s experience and tomorrow’s reality nothing will more certainly guarantee failure. Kiernan’s conclusion that America’s mojo is found and within our grasp is sharpened with specific demonstrations how we can clear the path to middle class greatness and national success. It is Kiernan’s finding of that core spirit that truly distinguishes American Mojo: Lost and Found.

Much like Kiernan’s last book, the International Book Award winning multiple best seller Becoming China’s Bitch and Nine More Catastrophes We Must Avoid Right Now, his latest work is thoroughly researched investigative analysis with scores of practical and achievable steps Americans can take to fulfill their national promise.


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